Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

So yesterday I watched both The View and Oprah to see all the Oscar coverage and get everyone's take on the best and worst fashion worn on the runway.

I agree with some of the picks they made. For example, Elizabeth Hasselbeck was absolutely spot on when she mentioned how lovely and elegant Demi Moore looked, and how happy that made her. I felt the same way. I remember when Demi was very much a Glamour Don't and now she has really come into her own. I feel a sort of proprietal pride, as a woman over 40 myself, as if I had something to do with it and could take credit for Demi's makeover. It's like she's standing up for all of us women who still feel young and vivacious but in Hollywood would only get cast as cougars or desperate housewives. So good for you, Demi! You go, girl.

That being said, my worst-dressed was not on anyone else's list: Sarah Jessica Parker. The Hollywood fashion police hesitate to say anything negative about her when it comes to fashion ever since Sex in the City, and that's a shame. I really think someone needs to step up to the plate and say that no matter how much a fashion maven she supposedly is after all those years on the show, her Chanel dress Sunday night was hideous.

Really, truly hideous. To me, fashion should be flattering to the individual first and foremost. And her dress did nothing for her petite, hourglass figure (which really is her best asset). So what if she is making a fashion statement? That statement was, "I look like I am wearing a gold-plated potato sack."

Another Chanel creation, which Elizabeth liked, was worn by Diane Kruger. I have to disagree with Elizabeth on this one.

No, I am 100% with Joy, who took one glance at it and said, "That is a ridiculous dress!" As Joy pointed out, it looks like three different dresses put together, and that ruffled section around her hips? Maybe Diane can pull it off, and still look beautiful, but is there any woman out there who really thinks, "Hey, I want my hips to look wider and puffier!"?

So, I am not running out to buy any Chanel dresses. You know, when I have a few thousand dollars lying around to spare. ;)

Yeah, so, obviously my worst-dressed was Sarah Jessica Parker and pretty much anyone who wore Chanel. But this is not a negative post, full of whiny cattiness. Really!

I was absolutely stunned by my best-dressed on Oscar night, Kate Winslet. This is because she looked like a million bucks in her simple, form-fitting, understated silver evening gown.

My husband couldn't believe she was "That woman from Titanic," because he never really thought Kate Winslet was that attractive before, and yet Sunday night on the red carpet, she just shone.

To me, that's what fashion is all about: making you look your absolute best.

I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other The View branded items to facilitate my review.

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