Monday, May 14, 2007

I Love Being A Mom!

I love it every day, not just Mother's Day. Even on those days when I get irritable or short-tempered, have cabin fever from tending a sick child or have to drive to soccer practice yet again.

But I have to admit I especially loved it yesterday, on Mother's Day.

My boys took good care of me yesterday.

The Owl made me a wonderful card ('from the 'superior son'--sibling rivalry never dies!), brimming with smiling faces and with these sweet words inside: "you always try to make things easier for us."

And the Rhino, on his delightful home-made card, had not one but several reasons why "you are a wonderful Mom"--I help him with his homework and projects, take care of the house, and--I have it in writing!--"you really are a cool Mom!"

Of course, he also had to take a stab at his older brother, labelling himself, 'the better son than' the Owl.

We didn't go out to eat or do anything particularly special, except I had breakfast in bed (pancakes! Yum!) and I requested cheeseburgers on the grill from the Engineer.

And then he gave me his card, "for the Mother of my children." And I was especially touched, because the Engineer had spent ages in the Hallmark store finding me a card that DIDN'T have silly matching-couplet rhymes that could be sung in tune with the "Yellow Rose of Texas." Instead, he found a nice, simple card that told me what I already knew:

I am loved.

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