Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy MLK Day!

Many of you who normally have to work outside the home have the day off today, and of course the kids are out of school--except mine, but that's okay.

You see, today is the last "work day" at the middle school before the school's Science Fair, and the regional Science Fair follows hard on its heels, so the kids are finishing up their projects. They'll end up displaying them in the local mall and then there will be this huge judging and awards ceremony for the regional Science Fair at the beginning of next month. So the Rhino is hard at work at school, and I'll be joining him in the afternoon to help out.

I think that's a fitting activity for this day, as the King family has said that the best way to honor the memory of Martin Luther King today is not through parades or fanfare, but by giving service back to the community, like volunteering. And of course our kids and their schools are an important commodity for the whole community--that's where our future leaders will come from, after all.

I saw a report on "Good Morning, America,"this morning about the upcoming Inauguration tomorrow, and how many families, including foster families, battered women and their children, people who normally could not afford to go, will be present as a result of other's generosity. A Washington, D.C. businessman named Earl Stafford rented 300 hotel rooms, and local businesses provided beautiful gowns, so they could feel like princesses for the day. It made me smile to see them all so excited and caught up in the momentous occasion.

Two of these young ladies, looking very elegant as they tried on their formal wear, were interviewed by Diane Sawyer, who asked them what they would like to see happen under this new Obama administration.

Their answer? Simply, "Better schools."

So, anyway, I'll be at my son's school this afternoon, hopefully helping out and making things a little better (on a very small scale).

However you plan to spend your own day off, I hope that you have a fulfilling and rewarding Martin Luther King Day.

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