Thursday, January 8, 2009

Heartwarming Story the Second: Apple comes through in a big way

So, at the very moment you read this, I'm in San Francisco, attending Macworld.

You all know from my previous posts--even my previous blog header, which included a sketch of me on my --that I am a Mac girl from waaaay back. My very first computer was a Mac, back when I was a kid and Dad bought us one that didn't even have an internal hard drive. You had to swap out the disks, back and forth (and by disks, I am talking those old floppy disks here) just to complete a program, and when we bought that additional external hard drive, Woohoo! We were on the cutting edge of technology back then.

My first computer games were all played on the Mac. They included a typing tutor that ran like Space Invaders, with letters dropping down from space until you typed the correct key, and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (infamous for software that actually cheated to keep you from winning. Yes, really).

And I was one of the first members of MyAppleSpace, a community for fans like me.

So, yeah, I know a little something about Apple computers, mmmkay?

So, when my battery died, I went online to the Apple Store and ordered a new one for my old 15" Macbook Pro confidently.

And I ordered the wrong one.

Yeah, I know, Doh. If you look at the two pictures, you can see that, obviously, the second battery (the wrong one, on the right) is NOT going to fit my old Macbook Pro!Macbook Pro

But not to worry! Because Apple, like my own personal knight in shining armor, not only came through, but swept me right off my feet with their response.

I called them, in a panic, with Macworld only two days away and no new battery, after I had trouble accessing my online account because I had apparently entered my email incorrectly.

I know. Again, Doh.

Not only did Apple take care of the return, fixing up a FedEx label and all that jazz with no fuss at all, but they went above and beyond to make sure I had my battery in time for Macworld.

Which meant Apple overnighted my new battery, at no expense to me, to the very hotel where I would be staying in San Francisco.

That battery, folks, actually beat me to San Francisco, so that when I arrived the package was waiting for me at the hotel's front desk. I had it charged and ready to go by the morning of my very first day visiting the Macworld Expo Hall (more on that later).

Apple's commitment to my satisfaction really wowed me. In these tough economic times, more companies could follow the example Apple has set, and put Customer Service first. I'm just so impressed to find that this company rewarded the loyalty I have shown their brand over the years by coming through for me BIGTIME at the moment when I most needed them.

And what's really great is that they treat every customer, new or old, the exact same way.

And how do I know this? Because, on the phone with Apple's Customer Care, the subject of how long I have used their products never came up. They were completely focused on the situation on hand, and making sure that I left that phone call absolutely satisfied. And that's what they do with EVERY phone call.

Personal service. Every customer leaves happy. I like that.

Thanks, Apple!

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