Saturday, January 31, 2009

Join the Qlubb

I've written before about getting organizing for the new year, and Team Mom has just turned me on to a new way of accomplishing that goal.

Say, like me, you're involved in something that takes a lot of planning and organization.

In my case, this was the regional science fair (in which the Rhino, thank you very much, won second place in his division! Woohoo!).

Now, fortunately I didn't have to plan all this, because the school and the county folks have been doing it so long they have it down to, well, a science.

But if I did take on a huge task like that, I'd have NO idea where to start to get all the students, parents, teachers and judges on the same page. Which is why it's so great that someone a LOT smarter than me came up with the idea behind Qlubb.

Qlubb helps groups organize *together*, automating many of the essentials tasks involved in group events so that you can spend more time just enjoying your families, friends, maybe even your favorite Twitter friends, basically all your social networks (see what I did there?).

Qlubb offers group calendars, shared sign-up sheets, and an online RSVP so you know who is "in". By including everyone in the planning process, Qlubb ensures there's less for you to do!

Qlubb lets you:
• Easily organize group events and activities online
• Eliminate email back-and-forth
• Eliminate reminders and nags of events and responsibilities
• Easily delegate tasks to members
• Easily create a secure website for your group

Qlubb is now offering a new 30-day calendar view and homepage design that make it even easier to navigate the site, and its easy user sign-on means that even your less "techie" friends won't feel intimidated by working together online to get things done.

Check out Qlubb now--like they say on the site, it's "fast, easy and free!"

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