Thursday, January 8, 2009

TWO heartwarming stories! First up: It's all about YOU

I already knew my readers rocked, but now we have tangible proof that you are the very BEST the interwebs has to offer, my lovelies.

Why, Viv, you say, ducking your head modestly, Whatever can you mean? Do go on.

And so I shall.

Geoffrey Beene has just written to me (the corporation, not the actual man-person Geoffrey Beene. I wonder if there actually is one? But I digress), about their campaign with Macy's and

You will all recall that I asked you to visit know you will, because you went there many times, and through your efforts, Cool Moms Rule! became one of the top 5 referring blogs in the whole blogosphere!

But that's not the really important part (though very gratifying, and thank you!).

The really important part is that, together, we have raised more than $270,000 dollars for the RESPECT! campaign, funds which "will support education, awareness and training programs that prevent and end family violence by building strong, healthy families and communities."

So give yourselves a big pat on the back, and thank you all so much for your efforts! We're doing good work, people.

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