Tuesday, May 18, 2010

iFrogz Delivers Sound Comfort

I don't like many headphones. The earplugs that have to stick in your ear canal? They fall out of mine. Or they hurt, because I feel like I kinda have to screw them in.

Stop looking at me like that.

My oldest son, the Owl, the musicphile, the metalhead, the one for whom music is as much a necessity as food and water, is extremely picky about his headphones.

The Owl also has the earplugs-falling-out deal (see? It's not just me!), which is why he usually has to buy headphones with extra small earplugs, and some of them only come with two or three sizes when they should go one size smaller than that, and on top of that he NEEDS that really strong bass.

It's important.

So when I was offered a chance to review a pair of iFrogz headphones that fit not in your ears but on them, I jumped at the chance, but I didn't exactly expect the Owl to like them, too.

But these headphones are different.

iFrogz new CS40s headphones have an unbelievable comfort level.

The “CS” stands for “comfort series” and they are the stylish new addition to the EarPollution headphone line by iFrogz.

These lightweight, on-ear headphones are a great alternative to earbuds and other headphones that fit too tightly (or too loosely!), and also feature ultra-cushioned ear cups for all-day wear.

And oh, wow, are they comfortable! They adjust to the appropriate head size, and the soft, cushioned cups do NOT hurt your ears.

And the CS40s sound is spectacular. You can blast the bass and the person sitting right next to you can't hear a thing. I experimented with them myself, then let the Owl have a chance.

He went from, "I only like the ones that go in your ear, for the sound," to, "These are pretty comfortable," to, "Hey, good bass!"

And the Rhino, who is not as much as music conosseur but still likes to play his tunes through his laptop, also took a turn, and he enjoyed the iFrogz CS40s as well.

Plus, the guys liked that they didn't look too "kiddish." Which, since these are primarily marketed to parents who want comfort and don't really care if they look less than stylin', is good too know. I don't have to feel dorky for rocking out in my iFrogz.

Yes, MY iFrogz. The kids are going to have to wait. These headphones are just that comfortable.

Mom is rocking out today.

The CS40s are currently available in five colors – white, black, blue, red and pink – for an MSRP of $39.99. Each pair has an adjustable headband and folds into itself for portability.

I received a pair of stylish red iFrogz CS40s to facilitate this review. I'm currently listening to "Falling Slowly" from the movie soundtrack Once.

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