Friday, April 6, 2007

Maui, Greetingflix style!


As you all know, I recently went to Maui, and I have promised you pics of my trip. At around the same time I returned this week, I received a letter from Wendy over at Greetingflix. She asked if I would review what they have to offer and give you my unbiased assessment.

And that's exactly what it was: Wow!

This is a fantastic idea! Greetingflix is like making a video scrapbook, complete with music and personal messages and your own pictures. It's a mini-movie starring you, and it looks like a professional did it.

I can hear some of you right now saying, "That sounds nice and all, but is it complicated? Do I have to know all kinds of computer stuff? Isn't it a lot of work?"

And that's what makes Greetingflix so great--No, it isn't hard at all! In fact, it's so easy it only took me a few minutes to set up my own greetingflix! And I think (patting myself on the back here) that I did a great job.

I have the finished creation for you so you can judge for yourself, but first let me tell you a little about the process so you can see how easy it all is.

Once you have signed in to Greetingflix, you can choose from the "FREE" option or the "PRO" option. Now, the free option is fine, but Wendy very nicely set me up with the PRO option so that I could review all of its features here, and I highly recommend the upgrade. Here's why: it offers you up to 1 gig of storage space for your uploaded pictures (and if you're like me, your digital camera's pictures take up a LOT of memory). In addition, the PRO option lets you choose from additional PRO templates.

What are templates? I'm glad you asked! Templates are like little movie backdrops and themes that you customize with your own pics to end up with your finished greetingflix. Once you have signed in and your account is verified, you can choose the "create now" icon to really get going. You will view a neat little video movie that illustrates a sample greetingflix, and then you can make your own.

That's when you choose your template.

Now, the templates vary, and you can pick one for, say, a sporting event or a special occasion or just to send some pictures to your friends. Depending on which template you pick, you will then need to upload anywhere from 1 to 6 pictures into your scrapbook. You just select what pics you want off of your hard drive, choose "upload" and Greetingflix does the rest.

This is where the PRO option really comes in handy, because each of my pics was a whopping 2.7 Mbytes. But with the PRO option, even though I chose a template that worked with 6 pics, I was still only using up 1.7 % of my storage space! Isn't that great?! I have room to make more greetingflix if I want. And I think I am going to want to, because it really is kind of fun.

Greetingflix gives you the option of editing your pictures in a number of ways once you have uploaded them, before slipping them into the template you have picked. For example, you can crop the pics for a closer view, rotate them, or change the order so they make chronological sense or better fit the theme of your template.

Now that you have all of your pics uploaded and edited, you can even personalize your greetingflix further by adding an additional message to your recipients. You can view the final version of your greetingflix just as your recipients will see it, full-size, before deciding whether to approve it or continue to make changes. You can then choose to send your greetingflix to any three emails, along with a heads-up note from you (or you can use Greetingflix's standard notice).

And...voila! That's all there is to it! The entire process is a breeze, the result is professional and your friends will be impressed (and touched. Some of these video templates are quite moving).

"But wait!" I hear you all saying. "What if I want to send my greetingflix to more than three people?!"

See, I knew you would like it! :) And that's no problem. Your greetingflx is saved, and you can keep sending it out, three e-mail addresses at a time, until you run out of people you know. You can even send it to strangers if you want. ; )

So, obviously, I really recommend But here's the final test for you, so you can see if you agree--as promised, my greetingflix to you:

viv's Maui trip

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