Friday, April 6, 2007

The Rhino Writes!

We're back from Maui! I thought that my first post back from vacation would be some beautiful pics from the island (and they are coming soon!), but we returned to find something special has happened with the Rhino, so as a proud Mom, I am posting about that first!

The Rhino shares my love of reading and writing, and before we left for Maui, his class was assigned a writing assignment. It was very open: basically, the kids in the class just had to write and write as much as they could, wherever their imagination took them. I love that kind of assignment, that really lets the kids express themselves!

The Rhino chose to write about a knight and a dragon, and his story totalled 14 pages by the time the teacher announced it was time to stop writing.

The stories were read aloud to classmates at the school, and voted upon, and three stories were chosen to go on to the district level in a program called, "DQL." The acronym stands for, "Discovering Quality Literature."

And the Rhino's story was one of the three chosen!

So now we are rushing to get his story typed up and bound and given back to his wonderfully hardworking teachers over the weekend, so it can be sent off.

In our county, books that the kids submit through the DQL project, if chosen to go on, are shared at the district level and then become part of the school's library for other kids to read, to help motivate them to write as well!

So, we are very excited!

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mama.smythe said...

You must be thrilled, as must he! It would be lovely if we could read it too...

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