Monday, April 30, 2007

The Rhino Writes! The Dragon's Claw, Part III (the conclusion)

Here it is, the last installment of the Rhino's prize-winning story, The Dragon's Claw!


Six knights in shining black armor, with large shields, stood at the edge of the cave.

“Move out of the way, human, or we’ll have to take you, too,” said one of the knights.

The dragon growled, and the knights backed up a couple of steps.

James didn’t know what he should do, join the knights and kill the dragon, or die trying to help it.

He decided he liked the second option better, and he began to get in the way.

“You are on ITS side?” said the knights, astonished, closing in.

“Prepare,” said the dragon through gritted teeth.

Just then, one knight jumped and aimed for the dragon. The dragon lunged his long neck out and smacked the knight.

“Urgh,” grunted the knight, who flew backward.

One knight aimed for James, and took a swipe with his sword.

James ducked, rolled to his left, and then lifted his sword. The knight followed him, and slashed down. James deflected it, barely. James slashed at the knight. He deflected.

‘These knights are a lot tougher than goblins,’ thought James, dodging an upper-cut from the knight.

James took a swing for the knight’s stomach and once again he dodged.

Meanwhile, the dragon had taken out one knight, and injured another. Still, three came at him, swords held high. The dragon used all his force and blew a huge gust of flame from his mouth, burning a knight. The other two knights held their shields up and blocked the flame. The dragon swiped his tail and hit one in the stomach, hitting him into a rock with a thud.

All the while, James kept deflecting the knight’s shots, but he knew the knight had the upper hand. James had an idea….

The goblins’ weapons stood in the middle of the entrance, untouched. James dove toward them, picking up the biggest goblin sword in his left hand.

“Hah!” James said, and smirked.

Meanwhile, the dragon attacked, lunge after lunge of attacks, unable to lower the one knight’s attack. The dragon blew a small gust of flame at him, but he deflected it with his shield.

James threw attack after attack with his swords. One hit the knight’s hand.

“Ahhhgg!” screamed the knight, dropping his shield. James was quick to react, and threw another attack, disarming his opponent. The knight surrendered, stunned. James ran back to the sack of goblin weapons.

The dragon was getting worried. The knight was closing in, sword held high. Then, he saw James near the goblins’ weapons.

“Dragons are a disgrace to this land!” yelled the knight.

“Say that again to my face,” said the dragon, in his loud voice. The knight repeated himself and held up his shield. “Whatcha gonna do about it?” he asked, sword held ready to attack.

“Nothing. I was just distracting you so he could get behind you,”
said the dragon, smiling. James hit the knight with the butt of his sword, knocking him out.

The next morning, the surviving knights ran out into the snow.

James decided he would stay with the dragon for a while. The two of them made a good team!

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