Monday, April 23, 2007

Out of the Mouths of...

So, today I was shopping in my local mega-store, which shall go nameless (rhymes with "fallmart"), when I heard a woman yelling, "Stop him! He took my purse!"

And then from all around, people (me included, because I have a big mouth), started yelling, "Stop that guy! He has her purse!"

And all these people started running--this makes me feel great, because you hear all the time how people aren't willing to help these days--after this guy. Not just employees, but a bunch of people, like six or seven guys in addition to security. If I had been closer to the entrance, I would have bolted after him myself.

But I was near the back of the store, so I am standing there, now holding my own purse tightly, a little shocked. And another woman comes up with, I'm guessing, her Mom, who is a sweet, elderly lady. She reminds me of my own grandmother: tiny, slightly stooped, neatly dressed, grey hair styled, everything in place, a slightly bemused look in her eyes.

And the woman asks me, "What happened?"

So I say, "Oh my goodness, that man just took that lady's purse!"

And before I could say anything else, the sweet little old lady mutters, "I hope they beat the crap out of him!"

I love my life.

They got the woman's purse back. The man dropped it in the parking lot when the crowd started after him. They didn't catch him, which was annoying, because I'd hoped there would be at least one sprinter in the crowd that might reach him, but the lady's purse had everything in it, so I'm sure she was really relieved.


The Mom said...

Your sweet, elderly lady reminds me of my mother-in-law.
She discreetly, yet securely, attaches her purse to the child seat of her shopping cart in hopes that someone will try to make off with it, drag the cart with them for a few feet and give her the opportunity to whack them with her cane.
Here's to spirited elderly women!

(A new visitor out on a blog tour)

Heather said...

I owould type an interesting comment but I'm too busy crackin up @ the sweet little old ladies.

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