Friday, April 27, 2007

Welcome, Blog Hoppers!

Cool Moms Rule wants to welcome all those readers who are coming over from the latest Blog Carnival and might have read my review of the game Faeries! You can find other reviews for games from a Mom's point of view here and here.

Tomorrow is the Rhino's birthday, so you will be seeing my next post Sunday or Monday morning. Remember that on Monday, you can also expect the next installment of the Rhino's story, The Dragon's Claw. It's getting close to the end! How do you like it so far? Send me a comment or two here at Cool Moms Rule and let me know--it will make him so happy to hear your feedback! If this is your first time visiting my site (where have you been all this time?!), you can read the first two installments of The Dragon's Claw from the previous two Monday's posts, which are located here and here!

Next week I will also be posting my new review of a line of Playskool Baby Care products being introduced exclusively through CVS Pharmacies nationwide! This line consists of everything from soft new wipes made with real cotton to baby feeding spoons that change color if baby's food is too hot(!). I'm really excited about fully testing some sample products from this line over the weekend to see how they hold up, and hope to have a detailed account of my experiences with them for all of you early in the week (I am aiming for Tuesday). My thanks go out to Sarah Fraser, from Child's Play Communications, who provided the samples with no guarantees other than a fair review from Cool Moms Rule on their performance when tested.

Thanks again for stopping by Cool Moms Rule. We love our readers and appreciate your patronage!


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