Monday, May 5, 2008

Your Kids Will Love Snacktime (and so will you)

Ever listen to your childrens' favorite song, say Barney singing, "I love you," and find yourself wishing that Barney was just as extinct as the rest of the dinosaurs? Catch yourself whispering under your breath, "Where is a big asteroid now, when I really need it?"

Well, then, I have a pleasant surprise for you!

I just got a pre-release copy of a new CD Barenaked Ladies are bringing out in May, called Snacktime, to review. Kids' music is new for them (as vocalist/guitarist Ed Robertson says, "Our collective kids now outnumber the band nearly two to one"), and maybe that's why their songs are so appealing to adults as well as children. Anyway, the tracks (and there are 24 of them on the CD) are hilarious, and most of them are short (so kids won't get bored) and catchy enough that you will find yourself singing right along with them.

Don't believe me?

Here's some sample lyrics:

1, 2, 3, 4 and more makes 7
Why is six afraid of 7?
Cause 7 ate 9...

Once upon a time,
In our solar system
We couldn't make do without 9
But Pluto's not a planet now
So, 8 will do fine!

Crazy ABC's
[Hey, Steve, what's that? Sounds good.
Oh, it's a new alphabet song I'm working on.
Great, a new alphabet. I just learned the old one.]

A is for "aisle"
B is for "bdellium"
C is for Czar, and if you see 'em
Would you mind tellin' em?

[Okay, hang on a second, Isle?
Yeah, aisle like in a theater
Right. Okay, and then Dellium?
Yes, Bdellium, it's a gumlike tree resin, starts with a silent B.
And Zar?
Yeah, it's a Russian Czar...]

Ninjas are deadly and silent, they're also incredibly violent,
they speak Japanese, they do whatever they please
and like to vacation in Ireland!

Raisins come from grapes
People come from apes
(I come from Canada).
I came in first place
In a non-existent race
To rebuild the Parthenon
The Parthenon's in Greece
(Or was it in Grease 2? I can't keep my movies straight...)

If you like Green Day and the like, you probably already know about BNL, but if not, and you're a cool Mom who wants to actually enjoy the music your kids listen to, then pick up a copy of Snacktime and you'll be laughing along with them for a change.

The CD will be released on May 6th, when you can also download tracks from the online site.
Meanwhile, here's an MP3 of '789' !

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