Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Amazon Votes, Amazon's Black Friday Deals Are Up!

If you aren't familiar with Amazon Votes, it's a nifty little concept: beginning the day after Thanksgiving, select Amazon customers will get extraordinary deals on items they voted for in a 'contest' known as Amazon Votes, which is going on right now!

Here's how it works: Go check out Amazon Votes here and look at all the potential deals--three per day--and then pick which of the three deals you would most want if you were one of the winning voters selected. Some of these deals are inCREDible, like a Flip Video Camera for just $39, but all of them are outstanding values. The hard part is picking which one you would want the most!

Beginning on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, Amazon emails select voters who chose that day's winning deal, and they can purchase the deal! Each day, new winning voters are chosen. It's a fun way to maybe try to win something for yourself this holiday season!

What I really like about Amazon Votes are the customer forums about them. Each year, the forums are full of people trying to convince Amazon to pick them to get their deal, whiners who didn't get picked or whose deal choice didn't make the grade and are just incensed about the whole thing, people who are sure Amazon Votes is a conspiracy or something--it's really a roll call of rowdiness there, and it's a lot of fun to visit the forums even when you don't win an Amazon Vote.

By the way, I actually won a deal one year, and was as excited as if I had won the lottery or something! ; )

Also, Amazon has what they say are their Black Friday deals already up on the site, and that's worth checking into, too! Here's a little tip for you that you might not notice otherwise--I don't see them promoting it anywhere, but if you go to the Black Friday page through my link, then look on the left sidebar, there's a chance to win a $10,000 shopping spree!

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