Monday, November 10, 2008

The One Time You WANT Your Kids to Get a D.

I've written about Yoplait yogurt before, in an earlier review on Cool Moms Rule!, so you already know I think it's delicious, and even my guys (picky eaters as all kids are) like it.

But in light of the recent American Association of Pediatricians' (AAP) decision to double the recommended daily intake of Vitamin D in children and adolescents, I wanted to take a moment to recommend Yoplait again, for very different reasons.

Yes, Yoplait tastes good, but what's more important is that Yoplait yogurt is fortified with Vitamin D in every cup, and it's the only yogurt on the market that can make that claim.

Kids these days, according to the study from the AAP, are in more danger of bone damage and even rickets(!), complications directly stemming from Vitamin D deficiency, because they don't take in enough Vitamin D, vital to bone strength.

Kids tend to drink less milk, and drink more high-fructose corn syrup fruit punches and sodas these day, because they like the sweet taste. So they no longer get the calcium they need to build strong bones, despite our best intentions to keep them away from those sugary substitutes. Let's face it, not all kids are milk lovers. And later in life, our kids can once again face problems in the from of osteoporosis if they neglect their calcium intake now, when they're growing.

But Yoplait yogurt comes in all kinds of delicious flavors, like the chocolate mousse pictured here, that can tempt anyone's taste buds. And Yoplait is an excellent source of calcium as well as Vitamin D.

Plus, there's Yoplait Kids versions with Dora the Explorer images on the cartons which I've reviewed here on Cool Moms Rule! And, good news, Yoplait yogurt has 25% less sugar than the other leading kids' yogurt, too!

So it's a lot easier to get your kids, even picky eaters like mine, to take in a little Yoplait Yogurt now and then, and thus ensure they are getting that newly-doubled Vitamin D daily requirement and the calcium they need to build strong, healthy bones.

Oh, and by the way, even adults today could use some Yoplait: 72% of them are also deficient in calcium, and 76% don't get enough Vitamin D.

So, next time your kids want an afternoon snack, reach for the Yoplait--for their health, and yours.

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