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Custom and Personalized Gifts

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Sometimes you just can't find a gift for that one person on your list. The Hard-to-Shop-For person--you know the one, the person who has, it seems, everything already. They don't really have a specific niche like scrapbooking or model railroading to help you out when you are searching for gifts. He isn't a soccer coach or a coffee addict or a nerd. She isn't a Perfect Angel or the Crazy Cat Lady.

So then you scratch your head and think, "What can I get them that shows that I know them and didn't just pick something up at the corner drugstore on the way over?"

Don't worry, we've got your back. These gifts are perfect, because they are specially made just for THAT person.

I don't care who you are or where you live, you gotta sleep. And when you do, you want to lay your head down on your own pillow. Some even go so far as to bring that special pillow with them when they travel--you'll see them in airports holding onto their soft and fluffy savior for those red-eye flights. And when you have your own special pillow, why not your own special pillow case?

Pillowcasegram is a unique gift idea to charm even the most difficult person on your list. Each one is uniquely crafted with the recipient's name embroidered on the pillow for a lovely homey touch, and there's lots of different patterns and fabrics to choose from. Order now (up to December 10th), and you can have your Pillowcasegram by Christmas!

Here's another cool feature: you can order a leftie or a rightie, depending on which side of the bed they sleep! You can crawl in the window and spy on them to order the perfect one. I'm just kidding about crawling in the window, btw. Please don't do that. I don't want to be responsible for some poor kid thinking Santa's come early and then find out, no, it's just Aunt Debbie. You can pick a fabric with a design that doesn't matter whether it is facing right or left, instead. (Pillowcasegram, ~$20).

This next gift is just incredible to me, because not only does it make a personal gift, it does so in a unique way I've never seen before.

Frecklebox--even the name is fun--has the perfect gift for any child on your list. Really, just cross them off right now, because one you see them, I'm sure you'll want one of Frecklebox's personalized children's books.

While I'm familiar with personalized books for children, Frecklebox takes it to an entirely new level. Or even a new dimension--these books spell out the child's name in snowflakes, leaves, even shells on the beach! Every time I look at the products on Frecklebox's site (you can also order personalized placemats, posters and coloring books!) I'm just blown away by the artistry of these gifts. The personalized books for children, as you can tell, are my favorite, but these gifts would work for anyone who'd like to see their name up in lights! ;) (You can order Frecklebox books soft bound for 19.95 or in hardcover for 34.95.)

Now, if you really want to go whole hog, and just awe someone with your amazing thoughtfulness, you can't go wrong by visiting LifeOnRecord. You'll want to bookmark this page, or write it down, because the next time someone you know is getting married or having a baby, you'll want to find the website again!

LifeOnRecord offers two options. One is a Journal, the ability to record your own voice and thus journal, basically, anything you want to remember for playback later. It could be as trivial as a shopping list reminder or as profound as, "Today I met my soulmate." I actually am signing up for this service myself, to help me remember ideas for Cool Moms Rule! You just call a number on your phone and record anything you want. You could record your little one singing, "Itsy Bitsy Spider." You could even record yourself reading a favorite book, and present a gift of a personal audiobook for someone--really, the applications are endless!

Remember I mentioned there were TWO options? Well, the second one, Weddings and Events, is even better for a special gift (I think the Journal option is just a great thing for anyone to have for themselves).

Here's how Wedding and Events works: Suppose someone you know is getting married. LifeOnRecord gives you a phone number to share. Then you have family members call it up and share a memory for that special event--maybe you will call and share about how you introduced Jim and Sue and now you are maid-of-honor at their wedding, or your grandparents can share about the day they met each other, 50 years ago; it can be anything, any memory--and then LifeOnRecord makes you a keepsake CD of all those memories!

LifeOnRecord makes a unique birthday gift, and of course is perfect for the holidays, when the whole family is together and can share all those precious memories. (LifeOnRecord Events, 49.99, Weddings 79.99, and Journal available through subscription service. Subscription services run for less than a year all the way up to 3 years at a time, prices vary by subscription).

Finally, for a cute and personal way to send a special greeting, and, better yet, one that's absolutely free, I invite you to go Elf Yourself. No, that's not a slippery metaphor for something sinister--Elf Yourself is a free service offered by Office Max that lets you put your face on an Elf for a cute Holiday greeting. Kids will love becoming an Elf for a day, and receiving an Elf card from those silly grown-ups, as well!

Next up in the Holiday Gift Guide are Designer and Handmade Gifts!

We have some more giveaways coming up soon (here's a hint: you'll be thankful for them!).

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