Thursday, November 20, 2008

Apparel: Choosing Cool Clothes for your Children this Christmas

Your kids need clothes. You know it, they know it (though if you have boys like mine, they'll wear the old stuff until it is falling apart if you let them).

But unless you have a junior fashionista in your home, getting your kids excited about getting the clothes they need for Christmas is a daunting task.

But these items could change that. From chic to cool, we've found looks that will appeal to you AND your kids this season, and none of them will break the bank.

First up are these adorable fleece slippers from Lands' End. Available in several bright, kid-friendly, eye-catching designs, my favorite are the red Scotties print, but any and all will keep those toes warm and toasty against windy wintry drafts. Lands' End, btw, has fantastic offerings for all the members in your family, including you, and I'll be covering more Lands' End items in the next two weeks, so you'll want to stay tuned. Hint: there could be some free stuff coming your way! You know how we love our giveaways. (Land's End fleece slippers, 19.50)

For the tweens who are still discovering who they are, I love this next selections, Stinky Kids tees.

Stinky Kids is the tongue-in-cheek name for a cast of 10 cute characters who now have their one line of apparel as well, designed by a Mom and inspired by her own "stinky kids." These characters have great personality that shines right through the clothes, and each one is different and special--my personal favorite is Joey, who is known for her compassion for animals (shown left). Stinky Kids even have their own catchy theme song, with their motto, "Always be a leader of good."

BTW, Stinky Kids apparel runs from infant sizes up, if you have a little brother or sister in the house, as well as carrying tees for Moms, so they have something for everyone. Just look at this cutie wearing her Joey Stinky Kids shirt! (Available at Stinkykids, $28-44).

For the older kids, like those teens with attitude (I can hear all the Moms sighing over those attitudes right now), Just Be designer tees are just the thing! Again, we have an inspired Mom to thank for this line of cool clothing. Let your teen celebrate Just Being Funky or Just Being Punk, or a myriad of other choices, designed to fit that quality they feel defines them most.

Just Be tees are stylish and trendy, but what's unique about Just Be clothing is that it also has an online presence where 'tweens and teens can interact by uploading pics of themselves "Just Being." These tees are most appropriate for 'tweens and up, including offerings for Mom and Dad as well! (Available from Just Be, $18-20).

Finally, just for the guys, Suburban Riot is offering edgy tees that will appeal to every guy's sense of style. Some of the offerings, like Extinct, a tree-shaped graphic made up of dinosaur silhouettes, focus on the artistic, while others, like the black and red Hitcher tee pictured, are more bold in their color schemes and statements. Guys will love the comfortable, loose-fitting tees, available in size 8-20. You can find them all in Bloomingdales or on the web at the new Suburban Riot online store (Suburban Riot, $20-40).

One of the coolest new accessories for this season, and one you'll hear about FIRST here, is the newest in accessories for winter --Etre Touchy Gloves. Designed in Europe, with touch-screen and handheld devices in mind, these gloves keep hands warm and toasty, but with a special nod for tech lovers: the tip of the index finger and thumb--the fingers your kids use most when they are texting their friends--are left open, free to connect with touch screens that won't work without bare skin contact, like the iPhone's. I was lucky enough to try out a sample pair, and these are going to be big, folks--they fill a need no one else has even (excuse the pun) touched on yet. You can find the new gloves on the Etre Touchy website, where prices are listed in Euros and USD (thanks, Etre, for making that conversion for us Yanks). Consider ordering a pair for yourself while you're at it!

Last, but certainly not least, another nifty new idea, this time for your daughter. You know her special BFF (best friend forever) that accompanies her everywhere, from sleepovers to the mall, the last person she calls on the phone every night and the first one she sees at school every morning? She'll want to share her stylish new Rebelle Friendship bag, the one her Cool Mom (that's you!) found for her, with her BFF, too. Stylish and chic and specially targeted to 'tween girls, Rebelle Friendship Bags, designed by Daisy Cook, are intended to reinforce the positive influence girls can have on each other through the bond of friendship. Rebelle Friendship Bags come as one big bag that zips apart into two smaller hand bags, so your daughter and her BFF can each have matching designer bags! Surprisingly, they are very reasonably priced for the two-bags-in-one gift you'll be giving, too! (Rebelle Friendship Bag, pictured, from the Butterfly line, $35).

Sneak Peek: Tomorrow, The Cool Moms Rule! Holiday Gift Guide will be featuring our Bath and Beauty section, so stay tuned for more great gift ideas for you and your family!

P.S. Don't forget to enter our giveaways from Hallmark and Lee Jeans! Check out this week's posts for info on how to enter.

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