Saturday, November 29, 2008

Girls are Gamers, Too!

So, did you think I would forget about Girl gamers?

No way!

I'm one, myself. Except, you know, I'm old. ; )

There's no reason in the world, btw, why guys can't play these games, too, or why girls can't opt for the games I listed in the Gifts for Gamers section of our Holiday Gift Guide, Thursday's post. Which you should definitely read, also, as there is a giveaway in that one, too (yes, I said, "too". Hang on, and you'll see why).

But these games are targeted specifically to girls' interests, showing that these game makers recognize that girls like gaming, too, and they want to make fun games for them to play.

Our picks for gifts for girl gamers are:

Animal Paradise (Nintendo DS)
In this cute game, your biggest worry is keeping your animals--there are 18 to choose from--happy and safe. It's not a frenetic, fast-paced game; you might find, as one reviewer did, that grooming your animals is a soothing experience. The animals in the game, as you might guess, are absolutely adorable! Your child does need to be old enough to read to enjoy this game, so I think 'tween girls are just the right age to appreciate this offering (Animal Paradise, from Empire Interactive, 19.99).

Samantha Swift (PC)

In Samantha Swift, girls hunt down Secrets and piece them together to make even greater discoveries, combining both a Hidden Object game and a Puzzle-Solving adventure in one. Samantha Swift features an adventurous leading lady girls 8-14 will love. She's half Indiana Jones, half Nancy Drew!

Samantha Swift is set to come out on December 2nd, just in time for Christmas. (Samantha Swift from MumboJumbo, the same people who publish the Seven Wonders games, 19.99)

Build-A-Bear Workshop® A Friend Fur All Seasons (Wii)

Originally made for Nintendo DS, this Build-A-Bear Workshop® gsme allows up to four players to name, groom, feed and dress their bears in a fun twist on the real-life store experience. Players can also join their specially customized bear on adventures, exploring islands to meet the natives and help new furry friends. Another really cute game that will especially appeal to animal lovers (Build-A-Bear Workshop: A Friend Fur All Seasons, from The Game Factory, coming soon!).

Princess Debut (Nintendo DS)

Princess Debut is like an anime version of Cinderella: girls have 30 days to prepare for the big ball where they will meet not one but six handsome Princes and win him over. How to 'prepare for the ball'? Master your dance moves, of course!

Utilizing the Touch Screen on the DS lets girls guide their character gracefully across the dance floor in time with their partner's rhythm. And the dance moves are real, taken from moves the professional dancers use. So girls can watch their friends dance as they play (like when their brothers try to keep up with Guitar Hero!) (Princess Debut, Natsume, 29.99).

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