Saturday, December 19, 2009's a Secret!

So this year, I am taking part in several Secret Santas, and a cookie swap, but with a twist: they are ALL internet-based.

So, yes, basically I am trading gifts with total strangers I met on TEH INTERNETS.

Over on Metafilter, for the second year now, I am participating in the Secret Quonsar exchange.

Quonsar was a member who was known to be a bit...inflammatory in his posts and his opinions, so the Secret Quonsar exchange is firmly tongue-in-cheek. I sent my Secret Quonsee a flash drive with "Merry Christmas from your Secret Quonsar!" on it (I had it personalized because I knew I would be taking part in the swap), loaded with some of my favorite Christmas tunes in it, and packed along with a couple pouches of bacon salt, because everyone loves bacon, right? Well, okay, maybe not vegetarians. But my Quonsee liked it.

Sadly, I haven't gotten anything from my own Secret Quonsar, but it's not Christmas yet, so hope springs eternal.

I also took part in a cookie swap over at Metafilter, and sent out some of the coconut oatmeal cookies I featured here. I've heard from a couple of my cookie swap buddies and results were favorable. So far, I have received chocolate almond cookies in return.

I'm expecting two more batches (each of us sent out to three other people), but since we are leaving town soon for Christmas up north with the family, I may just come home to a house full of cookies after Christmas!

Which brings us to my final Secret Santa exchange, which I am really thrilled about because it was in conjunction with TjMaxx and Marshall's!

I was given a blogger's name to shop for (NO, I can't tell you the name yet, she doesn't know who her Secret Santa is!), and a giftcard to TJMaxx.

Because the TJMaxx folks are generous to a fault, I also got a giftcard to shop for myself!

Next post: My Secret Santa shopping adventure!

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