Friday, December 4, 2009

You Could Always Tell Them Your Name is Nancy

We're going to be putting up lots more holiday recipes in the coming days, and even an edible centerpiece (!), but sometimes you just need someone else to do the cooking for you.

Maybe you're still tired out from Thanksgiving weekend, or maybe you're planning a big dinner party and have everything set for the actual meal, but just need a little something for your guests to nibble on before they sit down.

I recently tried out Nancy's Appetizers, which are available right at your grocery store in the freezer section, and they're delicious! What's more, they're the kind of appetizers you would love to make yourself, if you were Julia Child, but probably never would because they're a pain to whip up in the kitchen.

For instance, take the Lorraine Petite Quiches in the pic, which are what I tried. They come in a 12 piece size all the way up to a 60 piece party size, and have Swiss cheese, fresh milk and bacon mixed in their cute little crusts.

Now, you'd need an hour with a food processor just to whip up the eggs and get all the ingredients down to size and the crusts formed, but here they are, all done up and ready, looking like a professional chef just made them. And what's more, you only have to pop them in the oven for a few minutes for a delicious, golden crust. You can even, in a pinch, microwave the petite quiches, though it's not recommended for the other appetizer varieties, because you do want a nice crispy crust.

Plus, you could eat 4 of these little quiche guys and still only take in 240 calories, which I, as someone watching her calories, really appreciate. Those little bites and nibbles can add up, but a couple of these are totally doable for my diet.

And if you don't like quiches (though why in the world anyone wouldn't like quiches...well, anyway), Nancy's Appetizers also come in other varieties, like Deli Spirals in turkey bacon ranch and tomato provolone flavors, and mushroom turnovers (mushrooms and onions baked in a tender cream cheese pastry). These Nancy's Appetizers are also available in different sizes, and the biggest boxes can be found at your local Sam's or B.J.'s warehouse store.

So if you are feeling harried this season and need a little help in the kitchen, pick up some of Nancy's Appetizers for your guests, and save yourself the stress. You don't have to do it ALL yourself!

And I'm going to send out a coupon for a free Nancy's Appetizer to the randomly picked commenter below! Just leave me your favorite holiday appetizer recipe (link or instructions) below this post.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Nancy’s Appetizers and received 2 coupons to facilitate my review and a $20 thank-you gift certificate.


wigget said...

easy. just heat and serve!

judybrittle said...

My favorite is the Sausage Cups because it doesn't cost a lot and it does taste good!
Thank you!
judybrittle at gmail dot com

Jackie said...

My favorite holiday appetizer is a cream cheese and olive spread. This is a nice holiday recipe because of the green and red (from the olives) in the cream cheese.

Chop the olives (green with pimento) into tiny pieces. Stir into 8 ounces of cream cheese. Serve with Triscuits. So Good!

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