Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Squeeballs Party is fun for the whole family

Looking for a gift idea for the kids? Maybe a video game that's not full of vampires and zombies? Something the whole family can play?

Squeeballs Party is a fun, family-friendly game full of unique challenges. Starring the Squeeballs, twelve cute and endearing "heroes" your kids are sure to love, the game offers hours and hours of entertainment.

What are Squeeballs? Toys made on a secret island somewhere in the Pacific, they aren't ready to go out to all the kids until they've been fully tested and put through their paces.

And that's where you come in.

You can play Squeeballs Party by yourself or against others, in head-to-head challenges for two players or party mode at up to four players. The 6 Nintendo DS party games (11 on the Wii) range from lava-filled canyons to snow-capped mountains, with stops in between in science labs and bowling alleys.

I had a chance to try out Squeeballs Party for the Nintendo DS, and it's pretty addictive (but in a good way). You start out with four basic challenges, and then more open up as you progress. The challenges get more and more difficult, and eventually (I'm told, because I didn't get this far) there are 70 challenges on the Nintendo DS game, and the Wii version has 150 challenges in total.

That should keep your kids busy for a while!

Here are some of the challenges contained within the Squeeballs Party game:

Tenpin Bowling--This one is really cute. Your job, as you bowl, is to knock the Squeeballs off the pins. They get scared when you come close and laugh in relief when you miss them.

Cannon--Bat away the Squeeballs with a racquet as they are sent at you from the mouth of a cannon.

Paint by Squeeballs--Now you catapult the colorful Squeeballs into a creative, colorful masterpiece.

So: cute characters, 150 mini-games, fun for the whole family...what else?

Oh, that's right, I almost forgot the best part!

Squeeballs Party is now only 19.99 for the Wii or Nintendo DS!

You can find Squeeballs Party at Gamestop, Walmart, or wherever video games are sold.

I received a copy of Squeeballs Party for the Nintendo DS to facilitate my review.

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