Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shopping at TJMaxx

In our last post, we learned about Viv's Secret Santa! Now let's follow along with Viv as she goes on a shopping adventure...

Sorry, I just couldn't resist! ;)

Okay, so I was sent two TJMaxx cards, one for a gift for another blogger, and one for myself. Let's get me out of the way first, since I'm easy (Hey! No jokes).

Since I'm going up North into wintry weather--real wintry weather, snow and ice and sleet, stuff this Floridian girl is not used to!--I decided to get some cold weather duds for myself.

I was pleased with the selection at TJMaxx. Living here in the South, you can't always find a big selection of nice sweaters and coats, or even casual everyday cold-weather wear. But they had dressy clothes and active wear that really fit the bill. It didn't take me long at all to find what I wanted: comfy clothes for the long trip in the family mini-van.

But what most impressed me was, surprisingly, the fitting room! They'd been completely redone since the last time I was there, and I really liked the transformation. They were well-lit (none of that ultra-bright flourescent light that shows every line, crease and dimple), had full-length mirrors on two walls for that important front and back view, and even had soft cushy red seats. Take a look for yourself over on the right.

Yep, that next picture is me, in my comfy, oh-so-practical black pants and blue sweater top. Can you believe that BOTH of them together were only a shade over $25 at TJMaxx?!

Next, I went shopping for my Secret Santa.

But what to get?

I didn't know her clthes size, but TJMaxx doesn't just have clothes, so that wasn't a problem. Oh, no. There was almost too much for me to choose from!

Cool artsy sculptures. Seriously, look at this picture over here>>>.

All KINDS of gift sets, like perfumes and lotion, bath salts and foot rubs and loofahs, coffees and teas, even Betsey Johnson socks and underwear sets (can you imagine if I bought her underwear? Wouldn't that FREAK YOU OUT, getting underwear from some stranger on the net?!)

And...chocolate. Oh, man, they had ALL kinds of chocolate!

Hmm...I'm starting to get an idea!

Oh, and look, they even have GIFT BAGS and WRAPPING PAPER.

It was all coming together.

So, now, if you all promise to be good, and not give away the secret, do you want to see what I got for my Secret Santa?!

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