Monday, December 29, 2008

Contest Winners!

First off, a reminder: you can still enter to win one of five free Uncle Milton Petcams! Check the current giveaways link on the sidebar to enter. Also, if you are a winner of one of our contests, you need to respond within 3 days of the official winners' notification post (like this one) to claim your prize!

Okay, here goes!  

I'm pleased to announce the winner of our Refresh 'n Dryer Towel, which freshens up those clothes without sending them through the wash all over again!

We asked that you name one of the teen girl's possessions from the Refresh'n Dryer  Towel video on their site.  Some of you, btw, had trouble viewing the video, and I want you to know that I did count your entries, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience (you probably have an older media player on your computer). 

The winning comment's number was drawn by the Random Integer Generator:

Timestamp: 2008-12-29 19:29:11 UTC

And the 6th comment was:


Who said...

zebra purse! thanks for the giveaway!
Way to go, Betsy! 
please forward your shipping address to me and I will let the Refresh'n Dryer Towel folks know.

Next, the winners for the Five  Guitar Hero on Tour: Decades games for the DS:

Wow, this one took me a little while!

Thanks to all of you--113 entries! --who followed the directions.  I admit I made it a little tricky on this one!

First, you had to name one of the five bands from our Guitar Hero on Tour: Decades listing.  This was our "freebie" entry, and I meant for it to be easy.  Some of you forgot, though, that they needed to be bands named in that listing, so I had to disqualify a few entries for that reason. : (

You could get additional entries by naming one of the other bands and using an additional entry method.  Wow, that caught a lot of you up! I'm SURE it was just an honest mistake, but some of you just named a band to get those extra entries, and that wasn't enough--you needed to Tweet, blog, subscribe, visit or put up a button (you can read the original rules on the giveaway itself if you want to get all technical and stuff).  

So, we started out with 130 comments, but only 113 were eligible entries--which is still not too shabby! Way to go, smart people! ; )  Give yourselves a hand for following my tricky instructions.

Once I had all of you qualified, we needed to award a winner for each band. That was a little tougher, even with our friend the Random Integer Generator helping, because I had to separate 'em out. *sigh*  

But I made you all go through hoops to enter, so it was only fair for me to do a little work.

So, *drumroll* here (I know, finally!) are the winners, who will each receive a rockin' copy of Guitar Hero on Tour: Decades for the Nintendo DS:

Here are your random numbers:

76 44 111 43 50

Timestamp: 2008-12-29 18:58:40 UTC

Those numbers corresponded to the following comments:

Jen said...
Added your button to my site:

Linkin Park. (43)

kaylee8 said...
Bon Jovi is one and is my favorite! (44)

JenReg said...
I've tweeted about your contest on Twitter


mandjregan[at]gmail[dot]com (50)

craftymamaof4 said...
tweeted here
seether (76)

Liz said...
I visited Give and got some donations in. For this one Blondie. Since I loved to listen to her back in the day (111)

Congratulations to you all!  

Please forward your shipping addresses to me and I will send them along to the wonderful Activision folks who sponsored this giveaway.

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