Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gifts for the Grandparents (1st of 3 BONUS posts)

So, when I set out to post the Cool Moms Rule! Holiday Gift Guide, I wanted to focus on the 'tweens and teens. A lot of folks have ideas about what to get the toddlers and pre-schoolers, and I felt that the older kids missed out, especially since they are such a tough group for grandparents (who might live across the country) to shop for these days, unless they are up on the latest music and videogames.

But I didn't want to neglect the people who make Christmas happen for their families, either: the parents and the aforementioned grandparents. (I know, "aforementioned" is a really strange-looking word, but spell checker says I'm good, so go with it, okay?)

So, here is the first of three BONUS sections to the Cool Moms Rule! Holiday Gift Guide. Today, we are focusing on the grandparents, while the next section will have ideas for Dad. Finally, last but not least, we will have gift suggestions for all you Cool Moms, so tell your family to come here and check them out, and maybe you won't be spending the day after Christmas returning stuff!*

Now, on to our recommendations!

For the grandparents that can't be with you this holiday season, consider giving them a bit of nostalgia by investing in a gift from Foods Across America.

Maybe Grandpa has fond memories of the Vienna beef hot dogs in steamed poppy seed rolls he enjoyed while taking in a ballgame. For grandma, it could be the delicious chocolate pecan pie that satisfied her sweet tooth when she was a girl. This year, they can savor all their favorite foods again with a little something from Foods Across America.

My personal favorite are the Vienna beef hot dogs I mentioned above, which come with all the fixings including that fabulous green relish. And the chocolate pecan pie got raves this last Thanksgiving when I brought it out for our family.

But they aren't the only offerings from Foods Across America, which brings regional favorites from all over the country to your own doorstep. Try the Philly Cheesesteak or the New York deli gift set, complete with corned beef and a cheesecake for dessert! (Foods Across America, prices vary.)

Grandparents can never get enough of their grandkids, even when those same kids are driving us crazy ; ). One thing they are always asking for are up-to-date pictures of the kids. With the Optimus Digital Picture Frame, it's easy for grandma and grandpa to update those home shrines they have designated for their little angels by simply taking the memory card out of their camera and inserting it into the picture frame. So easy! A PC isn't even required. The wood-grain finish will fit in well with Nana's furniture, too. Best of all, the Optimus 7" Picture Frame is available at your local Radio Shack through December 13th for just $49.99, $30 off the regular price!

For the personal touch, consider getting the kids together to make a one-of-a-kind holiday plate at La Plates. Full of fun, kicky designs, all kinds of color combinations, and the ability to add names or initials, the melamine plates will brighten up their dinner table with every use and are completely dishwasher-safe. BPA-free, all La Plates are made in the USA. Browse through the gallery for ideas from other creators to find your own inspiration. You can have the kids each make their own, or create one with all their names on it! These plates also make great anniversary and birthday gifts (La Plates personalized melamine plates, $20).

*Which, by the way, is a pet peeve of mine. I really try to take the time to find the right gift for each person, and the idea that some of them might go out the very next day to return what I got them just kills me inside. So far, though, if they ever have, they haven't let me know. So, see, you can feel good, taking gift-giving tips from me! ; )

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