Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Shopping Sprees go farther with savings at T.J. Maxx and Marshall's

So, you know how some people say that gift cards are cold and impersonal?

What utter rot.

I love getting gift cards! Especially during the Christmas season, because it's like getting twice the gifts--once, when I open up the gift card and then again when I choose what I want the most. Gift cards give me a way to find those things I wasn't lucky enough to get the first go around, and let me extend the Christmas season a little longer.

And I was even more fortunate in that my gift cards were to T.J. Maxx and Marshall's.

You may be familiar with them already, and know that they both sell designer labels and the like at discounted prices--but if not, you need to check them out, because you can save as much as 20-60% off of department store prices. And, you know, I can ALWAYS stand to save some money.

So, yeah, I'm definitely a fan of giving T.J. Maxx and Marshall's gift cards for Christmas. Remember that when this season rolls around again next year. ; )

I was so excited to get away from all the post-holiday clean-up and chores I had and go shopping!

I needed a skirt and a belt, and I found them both at Marshall's.

This stylish skirt, which can be worn several different ways, was JUST what I was looking for, and it was on sale in the clearance racks for even more $ savings. My $25 gift card still had some credit available (5 whole bucks!), which paid for half of a really nice brown leather belt, the kind of everyday accessory I couldn't pass up. Since I couldn't really wear half a belt, I threw in the other half out of the cold hard left in my pocket and went away well-pleased with my bargains. Less than a half-hour into my shopping spree, I already had everything I needed, and I still had a $25 gift card left at T.J. Maxx!

I already knew that T.J. Maxx had great deals on apparel, but I never realized they had so many OTHER products--men's personal items, gift baskets and chocolates, Christmas and holiday decor. Since I had already found my skirt and belt in record time in Marshall's--so great, not having to visit a million different specialty stores to get them--I could just go crazy and have fun, and that's exactly what I did.

I spent, I think, about a half an hour just at the front of the store, going through all the holiday merchandise, which was deeply discounted. I nearly caved and bought some Harry and David chocolate coconut macadamia nuts, despite my resolution to start eating right now that the holidays are over, because, I mean, coconut AND macadamia nuts, people! And outrageously inexpensive--we're talking less than six dollars! But I remained resolute, and opted for tea instead for my comfort food. And I still had so much left over, I had a ball with more fun purchases.

I bought EVERYTHING in this photo on the right--the black knit shirt, the tin of English Breakfast Tea, even the funky hat--and still had change left over!

I can pair the shirt with my new skirt today, to celebrate New Year's Eve (I am in fact wearing them right now!), then cart the rest with me for my trip to MacWorld next week.

I'm thinking it will be chilly in San Francisco, and I'm looking forward to wearing my sporty new hat and sipping a quiet cup of English Breakfast Tea in my hotel room for a spot of silence amidst all the hubbub of the conference.

You really have to go check out T.J. Maxx and Marshall's for yourself (even if you dont' have a gift card), because the savings for someone on a budget (like me, and I'll bet these days, you too), especially when coupled with the high quality of the items they both offer, just can't be beat!


The Johnson 5 said...

I love T.J Maxx!!
Always have.
I have found some beautiful Cole Haan bags there for less than half I would of paid for them in the department stores!

And jeans.... oh momma.

I always start at T.J. Maxx and then head to the other stores.

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