Tuesday, December 2, 2008

True Colors

There are name brands you just trust. You know you can count on them because your Mom counted on them when you were a kid, and now that you're all grown up and have kids of your own, you reach for those brands as naturally as you reach for your toothbrush* in the morning.

For me, Clorox is one of those brands. I don't even think about it when I go to the store to get bleach--I just reach for that bottle of Clorox. And when I want a detergent that keeps my colors bright, I reach for Clorox detergent. And I really didn't have any complaints.

But they went and improved it anyway! That's right, the clever folks at Clorox have made new Clorox 2: Stain Fighter and Color Booster to use with your regular detergent to get out stains, and it's even better. Better for the earth (because the 2x concentrated formula means less plastic and less water wasted), and better results for you.

In fact, it's so good at getting the stains out and making your colors even brighter afterward that their new slogan is "dare to be colorful." And if you aren't happy, Clorox isn't happy.

But they know you will love it, so the Clorox people? They aren't even worried about it.

In fact, they're so confident that they're putting they're money on it--if you treat your stains and lose any of that color with the new Clorox 2: Stain Fighter and Color Booster, they'll give you your money back.

But it's not going to happen, people.

I tested out some new advance Clorox 2: Stain Fighter and Color Booster for Mom Central, and I almost felt bad that I didn't have some really super nasty, disgusting stain for them to work their magic on, because I felt just as confident. I knew they wouldn't let me down.

But the best I could do was some toothpaste. Not that toothpaste isn't a pain in the butt to get out, especially on my son's khaki pants. But it wasn't like those grass stains you see in the TV commercials (my kids never got stains like those bright green ones you see in commercials, and they played soccer for years).

And toothpaste is nothing compared to the stains on these folks over there, who are in the lead for the coveted title of 'dirtiest' on the Stain Wars section of the Clorox 2 Dare to Be Colorful site. Have some fun and go check out the other nasty stains, and vote on the dirtiest yourself.

Still, I tried out my new Clorox 2 on plain old crusty white toothpaste on my son's new black khaki pants. I don't know why he was brushing his pants instead of his teeth, and I don't think we want to go there, do we?

Just as I expected they would, the new khaki pants came out perfectly, looking even newer than they went in and sans the stain, not at all faded.

So, just like my Mom and me know we can trust Clorox, you can trust this new Clorox 2: Stain Fighter and Color Booster.


*See that bit about the toothbrush? That's some quality foreshadowing right there, folks. Remember foreshadowing from your English class? No? Ask your kids, their English teachers are drilling it into them all the frickin' time. I know, I used to be one of those English teachers, and I did!

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