Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Heroes: They'll Come, and Then Delgo

In the magical world of Jhamora, two races chafe under an uneasy truce--the Nohrin, winged creatures who dwell among the clouds and rule the skies, and the tortoise-like Lockni, terrestrial guardians of the mystical power of the land.

When a chance encounter throws Delgo, a Lockni teenager (voiced by Freddie Prinze, Jr.), together with the adventurous Nohrin Princess Kyla (Jennifer Love Hewitt), sparks fly between the couple--and their respective races, threatening the truce. The growing unrest paves the way for an exiled Empress (Anne Bancroft, in her last role) to return in an attempt to enact revenge for her banishment and regain the throne.

But when Princess Kyla is captured, hope comes from a surprising quarter: an unlikely alliance formed between Delgo and his best friend Filo (Chris Kattan) with their sworn enemy, Bogardus of the Nohrin (Val Kilmer). On their quest to rescue Princess Kyla, the trio learn the value of different cultures and the importance of working together.

Such is the story behind Delgo, a new animated film set to release this Friday, and one which I didn't even know was in the offing but now plan to go see *immediately* upon its opening, because it really looks that good.

The lush animation of Delgo--which is just phenomonal--combined with the star power behind the voices of the movie's intriguing characters, make the film a real winner this holiday season.

In addition, I applaud the family-friendly message behind the movie, which acknowledges the rich diversity between the different cultures of the Nohrin and the Lockni, while still stressing that, in the end, 'folks is folks', and we need to learn to all work together.

The parallels to our own lives, and the lessons to be learned therein, will make this gorgeously animated, exciting adventure romp of a movie an educational outing for your family as well.

Check out the Delgo website for more information about this movie from Atlanta-based Fathom Studios, the design studio that won a coveted "Best Feature Film" award for their efforts (their very first time up at bat!).

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