Saturday, December 13, 2008

Giveaway Winnners Announced!

I just love giving things away, and giveaways at the holidays seem so special! I wanted to let you all know before we begin that we have a very cool giveaway coming up very soon, so stay tuned to Cool Moms Rule!

I also wanted to tell our Lee jeans winners who gave me all your info, I did send that on to Lee, so you should have your jeans soon!

Without further ado, here are our WINNERS!

For the Land's End Amazing giveaway, we used the Random Integer Generator. There were 75 entries, and here are the results:

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-12-13 17:08:25 UTC

Comment #65 was

walters123, who said...

The cashmere tee looks very nice. I like the vivid plum color for my wife. It would be a very nice gift for her. Thanks.

Congratulations! I have emailed you with the info I need so that you can claim your prize!

Next, we have the winner of the Kooky Klickers Collector's Club giveaway.
correctly answered with the name of the Kooky Klicker pen reserved only for Club members, Desmond. Jennifer, I have emailed you as well with the info needed.

As for the winner of the FREE Kidzui membership for a year to "the internet for kids," the winner, again chosen by the Random Integer Generator, was:

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-12-13 17:32:57 UTC

And comment #6,

Andreah said...

I went to Give Respect and gave some respect =)

Congratulations, Andreah! I have all your info because you were also a winnner in our Lee Jeans giveaway, so I have already given it to the Kidzui people for that free membership!

Next, the copy of the inspirational
Soup for the Soul: Teens Talk Tough Times
goes to ellen,whose extra entry for subscribing to our feed won for her!

And lastly, we offered a copy of Natsume's Princess Debut on Nintendo DS to one of our feed subscribers. All they had to do to enter was leave a comment, indicating they subscribed, on the post.

Unfortunately, although we have ninety-something of you subscribing to our feed, only 4 responded.

We have a standing policy that we need at least five respondents to make a contest official. There's good reason for this, as, for items that are not shipped directly to the winners from the manufacturers, I have to send them out and pay for the shipping myself. We are actually raising the limit to at least ten respondents because the cost of shipping has become so expensive, but I decided to wait until after the holidays to do this, because I just have this feeling about the holidays, that they are a magical time everyone should enjoy, which is why with only 7 commenters, I still am sending out the Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teens Talk Tough Times on my own dime.

But, I'm sorry to say, we will have to wait for another opportunity to give out the Princess Debut, perhaps linking it to another giveaway. I'm disappointed, myself, with the way this played out, but I'm sure you will all understand, and hopefully we can run another contest for our feed subscribers soon, with a better turn out.


Sarah said...


I'm one of the winners of the Lee Jeans giveaway and still waiting for confirmation from you that you received my mailing address. The last three emails I sent you have been ignored. As a frequent visitor and reader of your blog, I don't really appreciate that and don't feel very positive about visiting here anymore. I'm hoping I will at least get some correspondence from posting here. A short, simple response saying "I received your mailing address" will suffice.

Thanks for your time.

fertawert AT yahoo DOT com

Viv said...


As I mentioned on my update on the blog giveaways, I did receive all the info from the Lee Jeans winners and sent it on to Lee. I just heard from the last winner and forwarded her info on to them yesterday.

Somehow, between posting nearly every day and sometimes several times a day (even while going without internet for several days early in the week), dealing with a house in utter chaos while it was being re-carpeted for two straight days wherein I was unable even to get into my own bathroom, running several concurrent giveaways and working on new ones for my readers, all while taking care of all the normal Mom responsibilities we all have, and then magnifying that by all the personal holiday preparations (shopping, gift wrapping, travel and packing) I've had to make in the last week--somehow, with all that going on, I neglected to write to you personally to say that, yes, I did receive your mailing address.

I apologize.

I hope you enjoy your One True Fit Lee Premium Bootcut jeans.

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