Thursday, July 17, 2008

Over the Bay and through Muir Woods, to BlogHer '08 We Go!

Actually, you won't want to take that route, because it is definitely the long way round, but since the Engineer and I were in CA a few days early, we've been taking in the sights! We've seen the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge and hiked through Muir Woods and Cowell State Park's Redwoods. I'll have some pics for you eventually, since the Engineer took them on the digital camera but didn't bring the cable to download them to the laptops, grumble grumble grumble...

BUT! Now we are on our way to BlogHer, or at least as soon as he gets off work (and he's been putting in some late hours while I've been chilling my heels here at the hotel, let me tell you, so he may cut out early).

You can see what I honest-to-goodness look like in the photo by this post, and if you are going to BlogHer, too, PLEASE come up to me and say hi! I'd love to meet all the Cool Moms out there in person.

But if you aren't going, and you're interested in what happens at these kinds of things, when opinionated and assertive women get together and talk about why we blog, and our families, and our politics and our personal philosophies, especially after we have a few drinks in us, then have no fear, I will be blogging along the way so you can share in the fun!

First, I will be microblogging over at Twitter whenever possible, so follow me at

Then, I will be posting HERE, of course, when I can, so check in often to get the latest dish on your favorite bloggers, with a little more depth than 140 characters.

And I will also be posting photos (yes, really!) over on Flickr, because I DO have the iPhone (no, not the newest one, unless Apple wants to step up and SUPPORT MOMMY BLOGGERS by giving me a G3*), and I DO have the cable to download those photos IMMEDIATELY to the laptop if necessary.

So, if Dooce and Elisa Camahort get into a spitting match, you will see it here, folks! ; )

More soon, from BlogHer '08 in San Francisco, straight from the Westin St. Francis hotel!

*Just kidding. Unless Apple really does want to support Mommy Bloggers, of course! And why isn't Apple going to BlogHer, anyway? Microsoft is. I'm a big Apple fan, but hey, show us the love, Apple!

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