Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kiss My Astra!

Okay, this is just too cool to let it pass by. Our favorite car before the Honda Odyssey minivan we drive now was our Saturn. We never had a problem with it, it was cheap to maintain...we just loved that car! The whole purchasing process was fun, because we didn't have to haggle and negotiate, we just walked right in and bought the Saturn They really seemed to have their act together over there, with enthusiastic employees and this fresh attitude towards automobiles. Back then, most cars were being manufactured in Japan, or at least most of the parts came from Japan, but the Saturn had mostly American-made parts and the Engineer really liked that.

So, anyway, that's my personal experience with Saturn, which was really positive. And now they have this contest going on which is just too cute, called, "Kiss my Astra."

Just take a photo of you or your family kissing an Astra and you could win a free car! Go check it out here.

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