Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Vacation Blogging: Epic Fail

So we spent last week in Cody, Wyoming, on vacation/family reunion. We left on the 2nd of July and just came back on the ninth, and I had posts written for the time we were away up until the 4th of July, when I planned to start sending you all some wonderful shots from Cody, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons from my Iphone complete with captions and, of course, my own unique prose. ; )

*Sigh.* So much for the best-laid plans!

Blogger mobile and my iPhone were completely useless in Cody It seems that AT&T has virtually NO coverage whatsoever in the entire state of Wyoming--I never had any bars at all, and I was utterly and completely disconnected from the entire world.

And even though I still put some blog posts, complete with fabulous photo shots, into my drafts on my iPhone in an attempt to catch you all up quickly the very moment coverage was available, once I was home Blogger mobile shot me in the foot. None of my emails would send via their 'Blog to E-mail' setup until I was literally connected to my computer in my house. I don't think Blogger knows what "mobile" means.

So please don't think that I forgot about you all! You were very much in my thoughts.

Now, on to the photos!


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