Monday, July 21, 2008

Friday Night at BlogHer08: Ruby Sky

I'm Old. Old, old, old. Friday night's party at BlogHer08 was at this awesome, obviously happening nightclub, just chock-full of atmosphere and ambience, Ruby Skye. And rumor was that some celebrities from TNT's new season might show up, as TNT and Greenology sponsored this event.

And the drinks were good and the food was fine, but the music was loud and the crowd was thick so the Engineer and I (he, by the way, is doing a stellar job in the "supportive spouse" role) found a seat on a comfy sofa with FiveMoms. And most of the night, we stuck to that sofa like glue, because otherwise we would have lost it to these prowling vultures that were eyeing it lustfully, just waiting for their chance to snipe it. You can't trust those BlogHers for a minute. ; )

So, a celebrity showed up, in the form of Gina Rivera from the Closer, the only other woman on the show in a major role besides headliner Kyra Sedgwick. Rivera seemed cool, but for at least an hour prior to her five-minute, "Hello, BlogHer!" rockstar-style greeting, the lights would start dancing over the walls suggestively, then the music would change, becoming more intense, and louder, building up to a crescendo and then and then and then OMG...everything would die down. This happened again and again, for anti-climax after anti-climax, so that by the time Gina Rivera came on the stage, she could have been Brad Pitt on his knees and I would have been like, "Yeah, whatever."

And this is why am I old, because I'm such a jaded, cynical bitch, aren't I? Not to mention--we didn't even make it through the entire night, but cut out early, because after a full day of sessions, a makeover, and an evening of cocktails and conversation, I was ready to call it a day.

Old, old, old.

Geez. If I keep going like this, I'll have a bench picked out in the mall with all the Slver Sneaker crowd in no time!

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Tracee said...

yeah, I was disappointed in myself and I went home and went to bed after about an hour.

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