Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bella Sara Trading Cards

Bella Sara trading cards are the newest thing, with trading cards that are focused on girls and girls' interests (yay!), and their newest line, which just debuted October 7th, is known as Baby Bella, and introduces new Magical Friends.

Bella Sara's Baby Bella cards are for collecting and trading among girls who love horses (the Magical Friends), which in my experience is most little girls! The beautifully illustrated cards, which come in a package of seven, contain positive messages and affirmations for girls. For instance, here's the message on one of the cards I received from Team Mom for this review, "share your thoughts and feelings in writing", which is a perfect message for me!

But that's not all. Bella Sara cards also come with activation codes. Going online to the Bella Sara site, girls can enter their codes and put their horses in an online stable. They can even earn horseshoes, with which they can then "purchase" online digital items to brighten up their online stable in the Bella Sara bazaar.

My boys were never much into the trading cards, but many of their friends liked them, and before now the only ones that I knew about seemed geared towards little boys, with characters and creatures designed to fight each other. I like that the Bella Sara cards are more positive and affirming.

Bella Sara products are available in local hobby stores in your area, and you can also find them at Walmart, K-Mart, Blockbuster, Target and Toys R Us stores.

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