Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Easy Being Green

This morning I took a a short hike, just 1 1/2 miles through the local park on the jogging trail.

After my walk, I came home and used my new Clorox Green Works all-purpose cleaner, and felt very green and environmentally conscious knowing I wasn't "messing with Mother Nature" since there's no toxic sludge sloshing around in there. Plus, I just like the clean, healthy scent my house has now.

And there's this crisp freshness to the air, so I have the porch windows open to catch the lovely Fall breeze.

I am just really appreciating Nature today.

Which reminds me: I want to tell you all about this new 30 Days to Natural website!

Three women, all Moms, are taking on the challenge of becoming more "green" in their every day lives. As part of the 30 Days to Natural experience, each woman was given a little Flip video camera (I love my Flip camera, best purchase I've made this year) to record her experiences while trying to go green and natural, as well as a full supply of Green Works products.

And what I like about the 30 Days to Natural site is, these women are real.

One lady, I call her "the skeptic" in my head, she's obviously struggling with the idea, and I love how relatable she is. She makes me laugh because she just has her hands full and you can tell she's wondering, "What have I taken on? Is this going to be too much for me?"

Then there's this Mom who is very athletic and active and fit, and makes me feel all fat and sluglike in comparison, and she's going natural for the obvious health benefits. I would SO love to see this woman eat a cupcake on video.

And the third woman, she seems most like me in my mind, because she is trying to do the "right thing" for her kids, and that's where the Natural products come in, and she's really working at it for them, and I think we can all understand that.

There's new videos posted on the 30 Days to Natural site all the time, and it's not just all about the Green Works products. For example, the third woman I mentioned above has set herself goals like going to the Farmer's Market and picking out lots of fresh produce in her quest to "go green."

I know that if you want to stop a bad habit, or start a new one, the common wisdom these days is that it takes 30 days. If you keep at something for a month, it's much more likely that activity will become a *new* habit, like hitting "reset" on your life. And that's what these women are trying to do in the 30 Days to Natural experiment. You can visit the site yourself and "plant a daisy" as a symbol of your commitment to change your life. Maybe it will give you a jump start, make you want to take on the challenge yourself and try out a more natural lifestyle for 30 days.

And that, as my nemesis Martha Stewart* would say, is "a very good thing."

So, anyway, there's lots of good information on the 30 Days to Natural site, and the video diaries are really engrossing because you get to know these women, so go take a look!

I'm going to go have a cupcake. ; )

*Not really. Of course I do not think of Martha Stewart as my own personal nemesis!

I actually think she is a robot sent back from the future to make the rest of us feel inadequate.

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