Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Name's Viv, And I'm a Chocoholic

Prepare to envy me, everyone, for I have achieved chocolate nirvana, and it's name is Ghirardelli Luxe.

Okay, maybe that is a bit over the top, but I'm one of the lucky Mom Central bloggers chosen to tell you all about Ghirardelli's latest chocolate indulgence, and let me tell you, this blog tour absolutely rocks. I have five huge, delicious chocolate bars or rich chocolatey goodness to sample just in time for Halloween, and so you will have to forgive me, because I am SO talking (okay, writing) with my mouth full right now!


Okay, so here's the story: Ghirardelli Chocolate Company recently introduced their new LUXE MILK line. These new Ghirardelli offerings are even more scrumptiously delicious than ever, made with rich and creamy milk chocolate and all-natural ingredients, so you can feel good about stuffing your face full of them.

Not that I am doing that, of course.

Not at all.

Then where did those empty candy bar wrappers come from, you ask?


That's beside the point. Moving on, now!

These new Luxe Milk flavors come in five varieties, so there's one for every chocolate lover (and who doesn't love chocolate?!):

  • LUXE MILK Solid
  • LUXE MILK Hazelnut
  • LUXE MILK Almond
  • LUXE MILK Crisp
  • LUXE MILK Duet
So far, my favorite is the Hazelnut, my husband loves the Almond, and the kids are going for the classic Solid, but we really love them all. The crisp is all crackly and the duet has, as you might guess, two rich chocolates in one bar. They are all, honestly, fabulous.

Now, I know your mouth is watering by now, and you are probably also getting seriously annoyed with me because I am chowing down here without telling you where YOU can get these new Ghirardelli Chocolate Company Luxe Milk Chocolates for yourself, but don't worry, it's easy!

They're available at Walmart, Borders, Walgreens and even Linens 'N' Things right now. And soon they will also be offered through Cost Plus, Target and your local Blockbuster (these chocolates go great with movies, by the way. Also, the World Series. Oh, and football. And then there's Halloween coming up...well, you'd better just stock up, because they go great with pretty much anything!).

I'm just so happy to spread the word about the Ghirardelli Luxe Milk Chocolates, because I've enjoyed them so much, and I know you will, too. And the Luxe Milk candy bars are, as I mentioned, huge. You could eat just a couple little blocks of each one and get your chocolate fix, so these will really last you a while. We honestly haven't finished ours yet, despite some seriously dedicated chocolate consumption!
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